Glitter is the herpes of crafts but I would suffer it if it meant I could do stuff like this.

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The guy who organized Halifax Photo Outings also had a set of great photos from the shoot! I put together my favourites into a story called Adventures of Intrepid Girl Reporter, here and here! You should check it out because I looked hella cute.

This is one of the few profile silhouette photos of me I actually like.

Halifax Photo Outings did a “noir mystery” shoot. This was in 2010, so I sadly no longer fit that outfit. I looked hella cute when I did though! Also, those gloves went to kiriamaya when I moved out of Canada.

My erstwhile boss, Scott Campbell, who a little after our first conversation hired me as a temp worker (which eventually became my first ever full-time job), took this shot of me. Funnily enough, it was after I lost my job at his company, but no hard feelings! It was a great gig, he and his family were always great to me (and coincidentally! while temping around Halifax, I ended up receptioning at his wife’s workplace too!) and now I have this great shot to remember him by!

Two other shots from the same shoot, with some different filter settings. Same clothing, but different facial expressions, different filters, different poses all give very different impressions, no?

I should write two novels based on these pictures and self-publish using these as book covers.

I am currently using this picture, from 2009, as my Twitter profile picture. The photographer was a newbie and just needed someone to work with who had a bit of experience. He had his own shooting space and there were two other guys who were helping. The green jacket is still in my closet and I don’t fit it anymore, but the faux fur collar was detachable. I was kind of attached to it because it makes me laugh to fit the “Chinese communist” image, seeing as the last great anti-communist freakout was in the 60s. I like my pose in this one. It’s girly AND heroic.

Ree Ja tagged my MM profile!! Back in like November but I haven’t checked it since the beginning of the school year anyway but still——!!!!!!



What if verbal abuse left the same scars as physical abuse? Would it be taken more seriously? That’s what photographer Richard Johnson hopes to accomplish with his new photo project, “Weapons of Choice.”

The series uses a makeup artist to put bruises and scars on photo subjects. Embedded in these violent marks are some hateful words typically associated with abuse, such as “Stupid,” “Dumb,” “Trash” and others that are much, much worse.

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Garth Knigh Creates Stunning Erotic Art Out Of Rope, Rocks And Human

The erotic art of Sydney Australia based Garth Knight entails a series of six suspended ‘trees’ ( in order: first, blue,heart, man, lost, and red) all which are made out of rocks and ropes. Each individual “tree” is created over one or two naked bodies, often posing in very sensual positions. If the ‘trees’ are observed in order, they create a linear narrative- one that tells, through stunning and innovative imagery, the story of human existence. The artists accompanies his images with text; the words further narrate the story he is trying to tell.

Knights multi-disciplinary practice covers various areas including installation, sculpture, and photo media. As you can acknowledge from the photos shown here, his works often (almost always) include the use of rope bondage, amongst other erotic elements that mesh with ideas of strength, pleasure, and sexuality.

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'I wish I’d pushed them off the stage': Model furious after topless protesters 'ruin' Paris fashion show

The biggest shock of Paris’s spring-summer 2014 fashion shows came on the otherwise calm and gentle Nina Ricci catwalk, when two topless activists from protest group Femen crashed the podium.

Grabbing a startled model making her way down the catwalk, they screamed “fashion fascism,” with words decrying the sexualization of the modeling industry written in make-up. One had “Fashion dictaterror” scrawled on her naked torso, the other “Model don’t go to brothel.”

One British model, Liverpool-born Hollie-May Saker, was caught in the middle, with the protesters brushing against her lamé-and-lace skirt.

“The next thing I just see half-naked women with black marker pen scrawled across their bare chests and that’s when she came at me….As she grabbed my arm she lifted my skirt exposing me – I pulled my arm back with such force that I landed a punch square on her nose,” Saker told the Echo. (Photo: AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)

So, to fight back against the sexualization of the modeling industry, these women assaulted a model and forcibly exposed her?

Protip: You’re not fighting a patriarchal system by assaulting women and exposing them against their will.

I have literally never heard of a positive thing done by Femen.  Seriously.  They need to stop.  First the blatant Islamophobia, and now this?  Really?

If your idea of feminism includes racist bullshit and attacking women who don’t conform to your exact image of a feminist, guess what?  You’re a complete asshole and you’re misrepresenting feminism as a whole.

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More awareness needs to be brought to light that Terry Richardson is negatively influencing media  with his supposed exploit & abuse of certain models, mainstream degrading pornographic imagery, and inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. His contribution to society has a bad impact as he is being exposed to the masses with the impression of being well received while there are potentially unethical practices not being shown.

Why are the big brands we buy from associating themselves with this kind of imagery?

A sometime model named Jamie Peck wrote of an experience she had on a shoot with Richardson six years ago. When she said she wanted to keep her underwear on because she was menstruating, Peck says Richardson asked her to take out her tampon so he could play with it, and make “tampon tea.” He insisted on being called “Uncle Terry,” and during their shoot, Richardson unexpectedly stripped naked.

“Before I could say ‘whoa, whoa, whoa!’ dude was wearing only his tattoos and waggling the biggest dick I’d ever seen dangerously close to my unclothed person (granted, I hadn’t seen very many yet).” In Peck’s words, Richardson eventually “maneuvered” her over to a couch in his studio, where he “strongly suggested I touch his terrifying penis.” When he ejaculated, one of his assistants gave Peck a towel.

This exploitation is NOT RIGHT and shouldn’t be considered a normal part of society.

You can sign the petition to stop Terry Richardson here.


terry richardson is a creeeeeep