The guy who organized Halifax Photo Outings also had a set of great photos from the shoot! I put together my favourites into a story called Adventures of Intrepid Girl Reporter, here and here! You should check it out because I looked hella cute.

This is one of the few profile silhouette photos of me I actually like.

Jha: Well, I for one welcome our new alien overlords!
Nick: I dunno, they look kind of… alien. 

(I think Nick edited this one… he liked a lot of colour saturation.)

Another angle from the super-romantic shot. 

I think Nick and I were supposed to get into a cage fight. This was before the super-romantic bit. Maybe all that tension leaked into the romance. Who knows!

If any of you want to know what goes on in the background of shooting, here’s a taste: Nick’s got his camera out, and that’s Sasha, one of the other models of the day, holding a reflector. (Sasha and I had a couple of pictures together which didn’t turn out so great, sadface!) So, yeah, that’s pretty much all the glamour of model photography :P

So it occurred to me that I haven’t updated this in a while! I’m still cycling through my old Halifax-based photos, so have some from the first Halifax Photo Outing I did. This is me with Nick, the same guy I gagged! We had to hold this super-intimate, super-romantic pose forrrrreeeverrrrr because EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTOGRAPHER just had to get a shot or hundred in. And it was hilarious because we kept breathing on each other. And it was ticklish! But apparently the chemistry was super awesome.

The top two were done by Traverse (who hosted the outing), the high-saturation one was done by Andrew Crawford, and the sepia-toned one done by Andrew Dacey.

Messing around in the garden patio.

The setting of the shoot is the garden of a very old house, with a long history as an artists’ commune. Just so happens that Traverse’s mom was living at the commune at the time. We later got a tour, and it was wonderful (if incredibly inaccessible). 

I like smiling and grinning, and it occurred to me that most of the fetish shots I’d ever seen tended to have really scowl-y faces, which I didn’t want to reproduce. Plus, it was a light and fun shoot! The weather was beautiful and stuff. 

Although, until it was pointed out to me, I didn’t notice the little planters at my feet at all. Which can only add to the hilarity of the shot, and it makes me think about how so much of what we perceive of sexuality is actually quite contrived and performed. Thoughts?


I present this to you without context, mostly because I no longer know what the context is anymore, and also because it’s frigging hilarious.

This is a shot taken by the head of the group, Traverse, when I was done getting dressed! The boots belong to Angie, another photographer on set, and I don’t really know whose corset that is. There’s also some boob padding involved. 

I kind of like doorways, because there’s something natural about the framing provided.

I gotta say, though, I’m not crazy about those boots. They look awesome? But are a complete fucking pain to walk in!